Speedy - Lloyds Banking Group

A challenging front-end focused role, working on a inhouse analytics/metrics tool for Lloyds Banking Group.

The codebase I inherited was a fork off a fork of an open-source project. One of the requirements was to bring the codebase back into alignment with the original open-source project while keeping features from the existing upstream fork.

To achieve this, I created a extension library, that used the fork as a dependency and wrote wrappers and extensions to reuse it. Any new features were written using AngularJs components.

I leveraged Webpack 4, ES 6 classes, AngularJs components and LESS for the library. With it all being complied to a AngularJs module that could be imported by the original-open source project.

On top of my front-end work I implemented dockerisation of the development environment for the team and a POC chat bot using


  •   Angular
  •   Chai
  •   Docker
  •   Node.js
  •   Typescript