Development of alpha nodejs app for GOV.UK for the digitalisation of the benefits appeals process. Working with a small team, two front, two Java back, and three UX. Typescript, express, redis and nunjucks for server-side rendering. Built using the GOV.UK frontend framework.

Talking to a Java/Spring API. Unit, functional and e2e tests written in mocha. Sinon for stubbing unit tests, Nock and Puppeteer for functional tests and Puppeteer for e2e tests.

Accessibility tests with Pa11y. Code quality with sonar.

Additional tasks;

  • Setup the Docker containerisation of the app
  • Conversion of the initial codebase from ES6 to Typescript
  • Integration of pa11y tests into the Mocha/Puppeteer tests
  • Feedback to UX team on accessibility issues
  • Feedback to Backend team on API design


  •   Docker
  •   Mocha
  •   Nock
  •   Node.js
  •   Nunjucks
  •   Pa11y
  •   Puppeteer
  •   Redis
  •   Sinon
  •   Typescript