Sparse Music (no longer live)

This is my first NodeJS production site for my mate's band Sparse.  I'm really enjoying using NodeJS after so long in the constrictive Drupal framework.  It's a bespoke CMS with the underlying site framework following a  MVC structure, using Mongo as the primary datastore, provided by  Redis handles session management for authentication for the CMS.  It's hosted on the PaaS, making deployment a breeze, and has automated daily backups to Amazon's S3 service.  

The CMS allows the band members to add up-coming gigs, album details and lyrics.  Additional content is pulled and proxied from the Instagram and Vimeo apis.  The front-end build is using the Twitter Bootstrap.  Compass sprite is used to automate the building of my icon sprite.

Bundle-All is used to compile and compress all js and css.

This is a zero budget job, and initially low traffic, so the forementioned hosting setup is perfect.  If the band goes global, it wouldn't be much trouble to deploy the project to a Amazon VPS, with memcached enabled nginx servering the pages to improve site performance further and move static assets to a CDN such as Amazon's Cloudfront.

Languages / Frameworks / Tech: