Glassworks are a post-production company with offices in London and Amsterdam.  The job required a complete re-design and rebuild of the existing bespoke CMS site, choosing Drupal 6 as the CMS.  Being a post-production company the main focus was presenting their video content.  Both latest work and a means of easy access to their large archieve of video work.  Video content had be viewable in all web enabled devices, so a combination of flash embedding and HTML5 video emedding was used (currently only for the iOS range of products).  The work archive is an interactive results page that allows multiple ways of filtering the jobs.

Having the two offices required two seperate sites, but with the ability to share content across both sites.  To do this I used the Domain Access module to allow the two sites to run off the one centraly managed CMS.

As a personal touch to the contact page I incorporated a customized interactive google map with custom skin and local points of interest.

As with most of my projects the standard Google tools were incorporated; Google Webmaster and Google Analytics.


With the addition of the Barcelona office, I was required to add a third domain and upgrade the CMS to be multi-lingual, allowing the Barcelona site to handle both English and Spanish.  

Languages / Frameworks / Tech: 
Drupal 6