What I do

I am a full-stack web and app developer, whom is passionate about all aspects of web and digital development. I currently use Javascript on both sides for developing rich web and mobile applications. I am diligent, hard working and sociable person, who is comfortable communicating with all members within a team environment, including strategic management discussions with senior / CEO’s to mentoring and technical discussions with junior team members.



NodeJS, Mongo, Angular, React, Redis, HAPIjs, Ionic, Cordova, Firebase, PouchDB, AWS, Ubuntu, GIT, HTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, SASS, LESS, Bootstrap, ASP, SQL Server, ColdFusion, Flash/ActionScript, MooTools, Subversion.


About me

I'm a web developer originally from Kilcunda, Australia.  Graduated from Swinburne Uni of Technology with BA in Computer Science & Software Engineering.  While studying I started making web sites for various clients and after graduating, worked in Melbourne for a year full-time before moving to London in 2003, where I've been working as a contractor and freelancer since.